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Where Are The Best Places To Invest In Bali?

Where Are The Best Places To Invest In Bali?

There’s no doubt to those of who do business in Bali that the island is on the rise. And in terms of real estate it will pay dividends to be one of the first investors here, because you don’t want to be the late bird with no worms to catch.

Bali offers all sorts of magical forms of escapism like surfing, kicking back and doing a whole lot of relaxing and spiritual awakenings. It’s a real paradise and once you’ve visited you’ll often get the feeling the Island of the Gods is calling you back.

So why not spend more of your time here where the sun always shines, people are always friendly and your soul is always happy?

With the Indonesian Rupiah at an all time low, expats and investors are in a good position to live in paradise at very reasonable prices.  And in my opinion you’ll see your returns as the property market continues to climb by as much as 20% a year in land value since the early 2000’s.

Bali’s investment climate continues to look positive, something the government is encouraging by clarifying legal frameworks making it much easier and more convenient for expats to purchase land, such as:

  • Hak Pakai – Right of use – which is relevant to Foreigners.
  • Hak Sewa – LeaseHold – most popular way for a Foreigner to purchase land, with the option to extend.
  • Hak Guna Bangunan – Right to build – Relevant to Locals and Foreigners
  • Hak Milik – Right to own – Relevant to Locals and Foreigners

It’s important to work with reputable property companies, who can assist you and explain the above terminology in as much detail as you need to better help you find the right property.

Where in Bali is worth investing?

Location is imperative when purchasing property, not only for yourself but especially in terms of investment reasons. At Xclusive Property we personally recommend buying as close to the ocean as possible.

Due to uncontrolled development in popular areas such as Seminyak and Petitenget, prices for hotels and villas have shot through the roof, so it’s worth areas such as Canggu, Bukit/Uluwatu, Ubud and Lovina as these places really do give a good bang for your buck.

Let’s look at each of these locations in more detail.


Seminyak is rated as one of the most expensive areas to purchase property. It is however, still one of the places to be … especially if you love the night life, coffee and are a foodie. Try La Favella, Rumors and Envie to name a few. And the recently opened Coffee Club in Legian and Revolver Cafe, are some of the best coffee spots around and they’re in hidden gangs off Eat Street!

Jalan Kayu Aya, aka Eat Street, is also full of markets and shops for shopaholics. There is always something you need in that one shop you’ve already walked by 100 times before. You never get bored of shopping.

Saying that, as busy and as noisy as it might sound, villas in this part of town are often tucked away down little gangs (side streets) where the only sound keeping you awake is a Tokay Gecko!


Canggu is definitely your next best bet as it’s an up and coming area, an area you want to buy into now! The price of property in Canggu has increased a lot in value in the last 12-months.

Villas and Hotels are popping up by the second in Canggu and because of that we think it’s an area where you’ll definitely get your monies worth.

Canggu is spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches and restaurants on the beach. Look no further than Berawa Beach, Perenenan Beach, Batu Bolong Beach, Echo Beach and Nelayan Beach.

You also have Batu Bolong Street with small cafes, which gives you the opportunity to walk and café hop and try new restaurants without having to sit in traffic.

Canggu is also well known for Finns Beach Club, where you’ll often hear people speaking about popping in for sundowners and a swim.

If you are as fitness crazy as I am, you’re in the same area that the infamous Cross Fit Wanderlust and Bali MMA are in, so popping into a gym and getting your workout in before your day starts will be really convenient for you.


Uluwatu/Bukit is an area that isn’t as developed as Seminyak and Canggu, (not yet anyway) but it is on the up and it’s still beautiful. It isn’t in the hustle and bustle of Bali but is still a surfers’ paradise.

You can find some of the most extravagant villas on the cliffs here in Uluwatu overlooking the ocean. If the ocean isn’t beautiful enough to stare at, you’re blessed with beautiful sunsets, which you can gaze at as it kisses the ocean good night.

If you enjoy the peace and quiet but also enjoy the odd surf and a sundowner, Single Finn is the place to be. After enjoying the big blue, catch a sundowner and watch the other surfers ride those waves in. Omnia and Karma Kandara are also a must if you buy in this area.

If you are a foodie, The Loft and Cashew Tree just to name a few are popular and won’t let you down.


Ubud for me represents Bali. For me Ubud is Bali. It’s still tropical and feels almost uncomplicated but it’s great if you’re looking to invest in property for retirement reasons, as it’s very quiet and development is still slow.

We think you’re sure to pick up some gems when it comes to villas at really affordable prices.

Ubud is surrounded by small villages which are all known for their own specialty I.e wood carvings, statues, art to mention a few.

Ubud also boasts some of the most beautiful rice paddy’s. Tegallalang being the most famous one in Ubud. It’s actually a World Heritage site! You’re also right by the Monkey Forest, and close to temples such as the Elephant Cave. Definitely a place for those seeking a spiritual journey.

Lovina, North Bali

Lovina is number 5 on our highly recommended areas to invest in. It’s mostly known for its black sand beaches, coral reefs and dolphins, and it’s also really beautiful. It’s about a 3-hour drive from the south of Bali and the area has its own beautiful characteristics.

Just as Uluwatu is known for its sunsets, Lovina is famous for its breath taking sunrises.

A sunrise you will greatly appreciate as you catch a boat out to go Dolphin watching for the day and maybe even snorkeling.  Lovina is not known for its roaring night life, but rather it’s rows of cafes and famous seafood restaurants, this is an area which sums up bliss. It’s also an area to watch for investment, as it’s where the new North Bali airport is slated to be built.



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